What Courses can I do?


Retail Store Staff Induction

4 modules

Walk the Store - Staff

Customer Service

Store Security

Negotiation Skills


Hospitality Staff Induction

 4 modules

Working in Hospitality
my role, my responsibilities

Working in Food and Beverage
my role with basic hygiene

Being Safe at Work
my role with workplace safety

Hospitality Customer Service
a key role

Hospitality Staff - Next Step

4 modules

Industry Knowledge

Team Support


Being socially Aware

Retail Store Managers

4 modules

Walk the Store - Managers

Business Planning

Marketing and Promotions

Staffing your Business

Hospitality Managers

4 modules

Hospitality Supervisory Skills

Hospitality Marketing and Promotions

Staffing Your Venue

Hospitality Customer Service
a key role for Managers

Product Knowledge

5 modules



Whiskeys and Bourbons

Rum, Vodka and other Spirits


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